Buy Bitcoins at Walmart, it's possible! :

The supermarket giant Walmart has no shortage of humor and proves it by offering the sale of delicious chocolate Bitcoins. What to think?

Bitcoin at Walmart, info or intox?
Who said that Bitcoin (BTC) was not used in real life? It's on Reddit that there appeared 8 days ago a photo of Bitcoin chocolate pieces on the shelves of a Walmart supermarket. Shady investors in recent weeks will appreciate the irony of the slogan "Low prices every day".

To our knowledge, only one photo of the chocolate Bitcoins circulates to date. The information has been relayed many times but its veracity is far from proven. It does not matter because this wink has had the merit of relaxing the atmosphere of a market somewhat feverish.

The idyll between Walmart and the blockchain
On a serious note, Walmart does not hide its interest in the blockchain and its applications. It is well known that technology can greatly facilitate logistics in supermarkets. For example, the cold chain or automated inventory management.

Walmart has already introduced several patent applications related to the use of blockchain technology in applications as diverse as medical data storage or delivery via drones. However, we must be wary of hasty conclusions because speculation is commonplace in the field of intellectual property.

Anyway, the success of cryptos that advocate the use of blockchain in real life such VeChain (VET) or NEO (NEO) demonstrates the ubiquitous interest for this technology.

How is the course of Bitcoin going?
The cryptodevise is heckled since the beginning of the year but the price of Bitcoin is still much better than its counterpart in chocolate sold $ 1.

On eToro, the real-time BTC price was $ 6298 on September 11th. If you are thinking of buying Bitcoins, there may be an opportunity. Indeed, the network works hard to overcome its scalability problems thanks to the Lightning Network or SegWit. Cryptocurrency is therefore not ready to bow out and some even believe that the BTC will become, like gold, a kind of safe haven for digital currencies.

Walmart's chocolate Bitcoin coins are worth only a dollar, unlike the real-life BTC, which is still worth more than $ 6,000 in September 2018.
A little sweetness for the road
Dear Santa Claus, failing to rush to Walmart to chew on these bitcoins chocolate, we hope that small similar pieces will arrive on our shelves before the end of the year.

We dream of Bitcoins milk chocolate, Dash dark chocolate and especially Cardano Gianduja. All with renewed optimism and mass adoption. Highly the holidays!