The crazy appreciation of the crypto-currencies, it is finished assures the co-founder of Ethereum :

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies hit record lows on 5 September after Goldman Sachs announced the abandonment of its market-building project. It's time to improve the systems, applications and protocols infrastructure says Vitalik Buterin.

The valuation of bitcoin recovered slightly yesterday after falling to its lowest price since June. Still other crypto-currencies continue their plunge (-76% this year for Ethereum). And the co-founder of Ethereum says that the days of crypto-growth are behind us.

Bitcoin, a true reference in the world of cryptocurrency, and other virtual currencies hit a low on September 5 after the announcement by Goldman Sachs of the abandonment of its project of creating market place for Bitcoin .

This project raised the enthusiasm of a considerable number of people holding cryptocurrencies. They believed that the credibility of this bank would thus generate increased demand for this type of currency from institutional investors. Which would have appreciated their price.

"The space of the blockchain reaches the point where there is a ceiling in sight"
And as if to blacken the picture, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, told Bloomberg that the era of the explosive growth of the blockchain industry was probably over.

"The space of the blockchain reaches the point where there is a ceiling in sight," said Vitalik Buterin. "If you're talking about someone educated now, he probably heard about the blockchain at least once, so there's no more opportunity to multiply by 1,000 the growth of everything in the library. blockchain space now ".

Vitalik Buterin remains positive, however. He notes that while the strategy to promote blockchain technology and crypto-money to the general public is now stalled, it is time to improve the infrastructure of decentralized systems, applications and protocols to encourage consumers interested in this technology.