Ethereum founder: "Blockchain space growth has reached its ceiling" :

According to Vitalik Buterin, the era when blockchain space was growing strongly is now over. The next step would be to get people interested in "getting more involved".

In an interview with Bloomberg, at the Ethereum Industry Summit in Hong Kong, co-founder Ethereum cryptocurrency Vitalik Buterin spoke about the future of the blockchain ecosystem.

According to him, growth "has reached its ceiling". Mr Buterin said:
"The blockchain space has reached its ceiling. Today, if you talk to someone in the blockchain, she's probably heard about it at least once. There is no more opportunity to multiply by 1000 the growth of all that is in space. "

He then explained that the growth of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies depended on marketing and adoption attempts for many years but that this was no longer relevant.

"This strategy is about to reach a dead end. The next step is to go from interested people to applications in real economic activity. "

Since the end of July, the Ethereum price has fallen sharply from $ 470 to less than $ 200 in just 45 days.

Last week, the market saw a general decline following the publication of a news announcing the postponement of Goldman Sachs' Bitcoin trading desk. However, the announcement was quickly denied by the director of the US investment bank. The market is not rising again and some experts took the opportunity to recall that the news influenced less and less prices in the cryptocurrency market.

In this regard, Mr Buterin commented:
"Honestly, I do not think that stuff matters a lot. On the one hand, I would be happier if the institutional trade in cryptocurrencies did not occur in the next 5 years. In the end, if cryptocurrency is kept by millionaires to buy and sell, then what have we really accomplished? "