Bitcoin: the solution that will upset the market :

Sometimes news catch up with you faster than you would have imagined.

You may remember the article last June in which I asked this fundamental question for the future of crypto-currencies: "Will bitcoin benefit from this new generation cashless? "

If you read me regularly, you might recognize a rhetorical question. And you would be half right. Monetary behavior is changing, especially among 18-35 year olds. And I believe that followers of Lydia (read the article if necessary) are future users of cryptocurrency who ignore each other.

I know that technology is moving in this direction, and we are not opposed to it.

However, I reminded that to win on a larger scale, Bitcoin will win a first battle in the field of simplified payment. And become as practical and attractive as Lydia is for young users.

I added that at present, the interfaces of the exchange platforms alone are a language to decrypt, and the portfolios / wallets are still too difficult to use for a layman. But it would be enough of a Lydia-type solution that relies on cryptocurrencies to make them fun and accessible to as many people as possible ...

▶ Bakkt, the royal way for cryptos
It seems that the gods of cryptos have heard our prayers since August 3, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) announced its new major project that could mark a turning point in the final adoption of cryptos by the general public.

His name: the Bakkt project.

It brings together several major groups who will join forces to provide a mixed solution adapted to an integration of cryptocurrency (and bitcoin in particular) in the very diverse uses of everyday life.

From the point of view of the consumer - the one we discussed in the introduction and which is the point of origin of a widespread adoption - Bakkt has the ambition to facilitate payments in cryptos. So, to make a purchase, you only have to pass a card in a reader.

Our analyst Kamal Ravikant said that Starbucks had already explained that it will not be possible to buy your Frappuccino directly in bitcoin. The conversion will be in the background. But consumers have nothing to do with the mechanism - they just want it to be functional. And not having to wait for the seven bitcoin confirmations that would make the payment time-consuming.

Remember what we already know: Cryptocurrency is a virtuous circle. The more you can pay in cryptocurrency, the more people will get. The more people will get, the more cryptocurrency payments will be accepted. Already in March 2018, the announcements of several major brands of e-commerce had hinted good prospects. We had talked about it here.

The Bakkt infrastructure could turn them into reality faster than expected. And thus allow bitcoin to become the real "currency of the Internet".

▶ The dream of a world currency
Well, let's take a little height without going to thank the heavens. Behind the gods of cryptos and their revolutionary solution, hide in reality these gentlemen of the ICE, owner of the New York Stock Exchange. Be the largest exchange operator in the world.

What make us return to Earth.

But it is the structures firmly anchored in the current system that are most likely to favor the influx of institutional capital. And that will reassure the most refractory individuals. Just like regulations, these structures give confidence to the general public, precisely that which could switch cryptocurrencies into another dimension.

For example, Bakkt has already partnered with Microsoft, Boston Consulting Group and Starbucks to bring cryptos to both institutional and retail investors. The infrastructure would treat, guarantee and simplify the exchanges.

This is the paradox: if bitcoin had to go through it to be massively adopted, it would lose all or part of its original philosophy ...

In any case, the launch of this platform is scheduled for November 2018.

And if it was high time to position yourself? The third boom we've been talking about for a few months is near ...

According to CNN, ICE CEO Jeffrey Sprecher is reported to have said that bitcoin has the potential to become the world's first currency ...

Let's bet that the gods of cryptos give him reason.