Two Gamers Hide Bitcoin in No Man's Sky Video Game :

Two Gamers Hide Bitcoin in No Man's Sky Video Game

Two brothers have hidden 0.004 BTC in the video game No Man's Sky. If the sum is small enough, the goal is primarily to democratize cryptocurrency in the gaming sector.

Released in 2016 on PS4 and PC, No Man's Sky offers a huge open world composed of more than 18 quintillions of planets. The game did not have the expected success because the players did not have enough quests to realize. However, Hello Game, the entertainment publisher, has recently released a new update offering an online multiplayer mode.

Since then, the two bitcoiners have decided to hide a small amount of Bitcoin in the vast map of the game. One of the brothers, Jon Creasy, explained via Hackernoon that if you find the 2 corresponding communication stations (see picture below). below), you will win 0.004 BTC or about $ 30 at the current rate.

Mr Creasy said he could hardly offer more money and he hoped that this small bonus would still motivate players to search and gather around the cryptocurrency.

The two brothers intend to hide Bitcoin in other video games to insert wallet addresses. Recently, a game publisher gave them 0.3 BTC ($ 200) to help them financially.

Last month, in an interview, Ubisoft's blockchain director said blockchain technology would improve the video game player experience.