Bitmain: Wifi routers to mine Litecoin and other crypto-currencies :

Bitmain: Wifi routers to mine Litecoin and other crypto-currencies

The Chinese company Bitmain has put on sale internet routers specially designed to mine Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH) and Siacoin (SC).

Amateur miners can now extract virtual currencies while surfing the web. The company Bitmain specializes in the manufacture of cryptocurrency miners has unveiled 3 models of wifi routers, each specialized in mining a currency.

As soon as they are connected to the internet, the AntRouter R3-DASH, AntRouter R3-LTC and AntRouter R3-SIA start mining the cryptocurrency independently and the owners can follow the operation of their device via a dedicated account on the Internet. Bitmain site.

Although routers can undermine other crypto-currencies (those based on the scrypt algorithm), the performances displayed by the machines are not guaranteed by Bitmain in this case. For example, the AntRouter R3-LTC offers a hashrate of 11.5M / s ± 5% and has a power consumption of 23.16W.

The 3 machines can also join mining pools chosen by their owner and are offered at 50 € / piece on the manufacturer's shop.

Last week, Bitmain's biggest competitor, Canaan, released a television capable of mining Bitcoin. Canaan also revealed that it was working on other home appliances products with an integrated crypto miner.