AvalonMiner Inside: The first TV capable of mining Bitcoin :

AvalonMiner Inside: The first TV capable of mining Bitcoin

The Chinese company Canaan has announced the launch of AvalonMiner Inside, a television powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and capable of bitcoin mining.

As reported by SCMP, Canaan Creative, the world's second largest bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer, is diversifying its product line and now offers a 43-inch 4K TV capable of bitcoin mining.

Called AvalonMiner Inside, the TV is powered by the AI ​​and has a higher hash power than the traditional machines of the brand. Also, the TV can calculate mining profitability in real time.

The firm announced that users will be able to redeem the digital currency earned for services and products on the Canaan platform. One can then wonder if the owners will be paid directly through the bitcoins they mined or if Canaan has implemented another reward system.

Canaan is Bitmain's biggest competitor and would be responsible for 19.5% of Bitcoin's total hash power. The company has revealed that it is working on other bitcoin miners concepts with household appliances to build a user base and prepare for the "next era of blockchain and AI".

Chinese analyst Xiao Lei, who specializes in the study of Bitcoin, said:

"It looks more like a pub shot. The big TV manufacturers should integrate this system to make it really meaningful. "

The arrival of this new Bitcoin TV follows the previous announcement of Canaan about the possible launch of an IPO.