Volkswagen launches blockchain patent for autonomous vehicles :

Volkswagen launches blockchain patent for autonomous vehicles :

The car manufacturer Volkswagen filed a patent application for a communication system between the autonomous vehicles of the brand. The network is based on blockchain technology and aims to help drivers to reduce road accidents.

According to CCN, the German company Volkswagen has made a patent filing to protect its new inter-vehicle communication system based on blockchain technology and aimed at increasing road safety.

The patent is described as:
"In vehicle-to-vehicle communications, messages are exchanged between cars to record new security-related use cases. Most currently known use cases warn the driver of an imminent event, such as the collision of two vehicles. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is based on unique messages, which are signed by the sending vehicle. A natural extension to safety warnings that increase both the safety and the efficiency of the use of the road. "

The information is first exchanged between the vehicles and then sent and stored in a blockchain.

Recently, large firms have also filed patents related to blockchain technology. We can mention Mastercard and its identity protection system via the blockchain or Sony and its patent for digital rights management on the blockchain.