The advantages of Bitcoin :

The advantages of Bitcoin

DemocracyBitcoin is a global consensus
Due to its free and decentralized nature, Bitcoin is the first payment network that operates only through its users and without a central authority. Even the developers of Bitcoin have no power to force an update in the protocol if enough users, developers or minors disagree. Only you have exclusive control of your wallet.

NetworkA currency designed for the Internet
Bitcoin is born of the Internet. Introducing physical currency freedoms in the web world while making payments easier and safer in both worlds. Bitcoin can offer concrete alternatives to several old, heavy and expensive systems. And it can increase the accessibility of online commerce in developing countries.

IndividualsProtecting individual rights and freedoms
Bitcoin allows each person to store and exchange value securely on a network that can not be captured, manipulated or stopped by any organization or individual. Giving free access to powerful tools that can play a role in protecting individual rights and freedoms against multiple levels of corruption.

GlobalThe first global and neutral currency
It is difficult to find a currency in our history that has already been free of any political influence or any national economy. Could Bitcoin become the first global currency to cross all the barriers between nations, policies and cultures for the benefit of the common good? All that seems possible. One for all and all for one!

TransparencyPromotion transparency
All Bitcoin transactions are public. But the owners and recipients of these transactions remain unknown. Organizations may choose to reveal their property on certain Bitcoin addresses to defined people. This allows any organization to implement excellent transparency practices tailored to each need.

SafetyMake money safer
Thanks to an ingenious use of cryptographic rules, Bitcoin offers an astonishing list of security-related features. Not only are Bitcoins impossible to counterfeit or spoof, but the protocol is also designed to be highly resilient against an impressive list of computer attacks, including distributed denial of service attacks.

SolveRemove trust problems of banks
Bitcoin offers solutions against several trust issues between banks with selective accounting transparency, cryptographic signature evidence and irreversible transactions. Bitcoin also increases the risks of dishonest banks. No new Bitcoin can be created to save them from their own mistakes at the expense of citizens.