NULS launches MainNet and receives Bitmain investment :

NULS launches MainNet and receives Bitmain investment

NULS announced the success of its move from the Ethereum blockchain to its own network (MainNet). The organization also revealed that it has received a strategic investment from Bitmain.

Launched in 2017, NULS offers the possibility to create custom blockchain. With dedicated modules, developers can develop customized, high-performance, secure, and scalable blockchains.

According to an article published on his blog, NULS announced that the launch of its MainNet was a success, the organization leaves Ethereum and the standard of token ERC-20 for its own blockchain. The organization writes:

"Thanks to the tremendous efforts of our community of developers and testers, we are excited to announce the successful launch of our net hand. NULS was created just 9 months ago and many things have already been accomplished. As we continue to move forward, we look forward to creating innovative technology products. "

NULS also announced a new partnership with the powerful Chinese firm Bitmain specializing in the manufacture of ASICs to mine cryptocurrencies. The organization tweeted:
"Yes, you heard right ! We have a strategic partnership with Bitmain and we collaborate for the development of cross-chain technology "

The amount of the investment has not been communicated, we learn that it is not a simple investment but that it represents above all a sustainable partnership to develop cross-chain solutions.

Bitmain generated revenue of $ 2.5 billion in 2017 and recently announced its ambition to launch an IPO. Earlier in May, Bitmain also revealed that it is turning to AI to diversify its revenues.