Nasdaq: In-camera meeting on the legitimacy of cryptocurrency :

The Nasdaq held a private meeting with important crypto players to discuss and help legitimize the cryptocurrency sector.

According to Bloomberg, the Nasdaq has held a closed-door meeting in Chicago with the 12 companies most involved in the cryptocurrency sector in the United States including Gemini, the twin exchange platform Winklevoss (which uses SMARTS technology Nasdaq to hunt down fraudsters).

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The Nasdaq spokesman did not want to comment on the event but confirmed that the meeting had taken place. The organizations present would have evoked several topics such as the future of crypto-currency regulation and the tools necessary for its legitimization.

Last April, Nasdaq's director Adena Friedman showed interest in setting up a stock exchange dedicated to the exchange of digital currencies. Earlier in May, she said:

"Will virtual currency have its place in the economy? The answer is probably yes. What will be the motto adopted more globally? I think it is still too early to comment on this, I imagine a more effective international payment mechanism than exists today. "