Ledger: New crypto-currencies added every 1st Tuesday of the month :

Ledger: New crypto-currencies added every 1st Tuesday of the month

Ledger revealed to add new cryptocurrencies to its services and products every first Tuesday of each month from August. The startup also revealed that TRON (TRX) and ZCoin (XZC) would be supported this week.

In an interview with Coindesk, Eric Larcheveque, CEO of Ledger, said the company would add support for new virtual currencies every first Tuesday of each month starting next month. The young firm intends to support more than 100 different chips by 2020.

This announcement follows the request of many institutional investors, Mr Larcheveque, said on this subject:

"If we want to attract institutional clients, we must support at least the top 100 crypto-currencies, it is essential."

Earlier this week, Ledger released its own application called Ledger Live and now manages its funds in one place.

Mr Larcheveque explained:

"We want to cover a maximum of crypto-currencies and Ledger Live is our first initiative to get there. The software will offer a new base where we can add and manage encryption as we wish. "

Mr. Larcheveque then spoke about the Open Source tools of Ledger Live proposed to the developers. These allow communities to help create support for their favorite currency and thus be added more quickly.

For example, for the TRON cryptocurrency (TRX), developers outside the TRON organization worked for TRX token integration. TRON's engineering director Tian Han said:

"TRON users worked together to add the TRX to Ledger, they are not developers of the organization. We provided an $ 80,000 grant to the members of the integration team. "

Recently, Ledger revealed that a new round of financing would take place and was intended to attract new industrial partners, rumors claim that giants such as Google, Siemens or Samsung would be interested to invest in the French startup.