Kim Dotcom: The creator of MegaUpload will launch its cryptocurrency :

own cryptocurrency to provide the opportunity for creators to monetize their content without going through intermediaries.

According to a ticket published by CNN, the founder of the famous download site MegaUpload will soon launch a new cryptocurrency ( The blockchain ecosystem developed by Kim Dotcom aims to transform the way to monetize digital content and make the online advertising industry more transparent.

According to the white paper, a powerful encryption system will secure the content and unlock it during a purchase via cryptocurrency. According to Mr Schmitz, this new economic model will benefit all actors, creators but also consumers.

In early July, the New Zealand justice confirmed that Mr Schmitz could be extradited to the United States after several years of residing in New Zealand free from any penalty against Megaupload closed in 2012 by the FBI. The lawyer of Mr Schmitz declared to seize the Supreme Court, his last resort.