Breaking: The price of bitcoin flies up and exceeds $ 8000 :

Breaking: The price of bitcoin flies up and exceeds $ 8000

After falling below $ 6,000 at the end of June, the price of bitcoin surpassed $ 8,000 this morning. The number 1 currency of the market seems to be gaining momentum.

While the price of bitcoin has been in the $ 8000 range for the last 2 months and had dropped below $ 6000 by the end of June, the price has been running since July 16, 2018, from $ 6,300 to over $ 8,000.

Unlike bitcoin, other crypto-currencies seem to follow other trajectories. For example, the Ethereum price had exceeded $ 500 on July 17 but it dropped to $ 450 last week. However, the majority of courses including Ethereum are in the green today.

Some experts are talking about rumors and the arrival of powerful investment funds favoring bitcoin. Also, the announcement concerning the possible implementation of ETFs for bitcoin is mentioned. However, it is difficult if not impossible to know what is the real reason for this sudden rise.

This weekend, US billionaire Kenneth C. Griffin again criticized Bitcoin and said it was a "solution to a problem". According to him, the new generation should look at more productive activities.