Billionaire Steven Cohen invests in a crypto fund promoting Bitcoin and Ethereum :

Billionaire Steven Cohen invests in a crypto fund promoting Bitcoin and Ethereum

US billionaire Steven A Cohen announced he has invested in the Crypto Autonomous Partners hedge fund through his investment fund Cohen Private Ventures. The founder of Autonomous Partners has said it favors Ethereum and Bitcoin to Ripple.

In an interview with Fortune media, Steven A Cohen said his $ 14 billion investment fund, Cohen Private Ventures, had invested in the new hedge fund Autonomous Partners dedicated to financing blockchain startups. but also to direct investment in cryptocurrencies.

Mr Cohen said about this partnership:

"I appealed to partners who, in my opinion, can be very useful beyond their capital."

The billionaire, notably known as the 'Wall Street Banner' for an insider trading case, explained that Autonomous Partners granted a small percentage of the fund to investment in cryptocurrencies with a large capitalization like Bitcoin and Ethereum but that he was also looking at "the next-generation currencies".

Regarding Ripple, Autonomous Partners founder Arianna Simpson said that XRP tokens were likely to be considered securities by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and that this could have a negative influence on his course.

Last month, the SEC announced that Bitcoin and Ethereum were not officially "securities" because of their decentralized nature. However, no announcement has been made for the XRP and many investors are concerned that it is considered a security given the centralization of the Ripple network. For its part, Ripple claimed that XRP tokens could not be considered as such.