Asus prepares a mining station that can hold 20 graphics cards :

Asus prepares a mining station that can hold 20 graphics cards

The Taiwanese company Asus is developing a new motherboard dedicated to cryptocurrency mining and able to support up to 20 graphics cards.

After the ASUS B250 motherboard, the firm specializing in the manufacture of computer components and laptops will propose in Q3 2018 a new small mining farm called H370 Mining Master can accommodate up to 20 GPUs.

As TheVerge reports, the new H370 motherboard developed by Asus will allow minors to make specific settings for virtual currency extraction and can be connected to a computer with a simple USB cable.

With the H370 MM, Asus wants to make mining maintenance more accessible, reduce PCIe disconnections and provide more accurate diagnostics.

Asus announced on this subject:
"It's a much less complex system than plugging graphics cards directly into the motherboard. The use of the H370 MM will be very fun. "

Since 2017, cryptocurrency mining has turned the computer components market upside down. The price of graphics cards has risen because of the high demand of minors even preventing gamers from being able to get them to play.

If the two biggest manufacturers involved in this sector are certainly Bitmain and Nvidia, Cryptonaute reported in early April that the giant Intel would also embark on the race with GPUs less energy-consuming than the current standard.