Bitcoin : The true value of bitcoin :

Bitcoin : The true value of bitcoin :

The true value of bitcoin
EDITORIAL. This cryptocurrency makes it possible to bet on a future of which it will probably not be part

Bitcoin would it be worth, finally? Absolutely not, say the many bankers who advise against buying. This cryptocurrency has nothing real to do with it. It does not represent a certain amount of gold, it does not fluctuate according to the competitiveness of the economy of a country like a conventional currency and it does not distribute dividend as an action. In short, we do not know how to give it an intrinsic value. The market either, since in one year bitcoin was successively worth 2500 dollars, then 19 000, and it is worth 6500 currently. The sign of a trust for the least fluctuating.

Specialists strive, however, to give it a value. Bitcoin is useful, they say, because it allows for transactions and it could become a valuable storage instrument, such as gold. Under these conditions, bitcoin could be worth $ 65,000 in ten years. Or not far from zero if the general public does not adopt cryptocurrency, finally.

The conditional is important, because for the moment it is difficult to see the interest of bitcoin as a safe haven. Who would seriously think of saving money in an electronic money whose price can be multiplied by 7 or divided by 3 in six months? Who would seek stability in a cryptocurrency that may be manipulated by the small number of unidentified actors who apparently hold large quantities? In a currency, finally, which is especially a bet on a future of which it risks not being part.

Back to the 1990s
The technology behind bitcoin, the blockchain, is already aging. New "block chains" are being invented, especially in Switzerland. Faster, more reliable and less expensive. They will be the backbone of this future optimized - even idealized - that technology is supposed to reserve us.

We are at a historical moment similar to that of the beginnings of the internet. One feels the same type of effervescence as in the 1990s. Of the many more or less visionary projects that emerged at the time, few are still part of our daily lives. But this one has undeniably evolved. What will be the look on bitcoin in twenty years? Maybe the same as we have on the first mobile phones. A venerable Nokia 3210, for example, did not do much, but it has a certain affection. For he was a precursor, a first step, as bitcoin may have been the pioneer of a new world. She may be here, her true value.