Bitcoin falls to the lowest since November :

Bitcoin falls to the lowest since November

The price of Bitcoin fell Friday to 5,771.19 dollars before recovering slightly
The price of bitcoin, first and main virtual currency, fell briefly below $ 5,900 for a bitcoin, returning to its lowest level before the outbreak of the end of 2017.

A decline over the last two months. Around 7:00 French, the price of cryptocurrency fell to 5,791.19 dollars before recovering slightly, according to figures agglomerated by the financial data provider Bloomberg. At around 12pm, it was slightly above $ 5,900, a level most seen since November.

The main cryptocurrency is currently experiencing a "strong downtrend," reacted Naeem Aslam, an analyst for Think Markets pointing out that bitcoin had fallen over the last two months. This "had not been observed since mid-2016," before the value of the virtual currency flames, he said.

The problem of the accumulation of piracy. Bitcoin drops "slowly but surely," commented Jordan Hiscott, an analyst for Ayondo Market. If several explanations can be put forward, "the hacking of trading platforms is detrimental to trust in cryptoactives," he explained. Recently, several stories of cryptocurrency hacking have indeed lowered prices.

About ten days ago, nearly 26 million euros of cryptocurrencies were stolen from Bithumb, a platform based in South Korea. And nine days ago, it was another South Korean platform, Coinrail, which had been hacked, for a stolen amount of about 31 million euros, which had brutally dropped the price of bitcoin more by 13%. Deposit and withdrawal transactions have been suspended since then.

These repeated hacks have encouraged the authorities to look into the operation of these platforms. A week ago, the Japanese regulator sent recommendations to six trading platforms, among the largest in the country, while an investigation was opened in the United States on possible price manipulation.