Which is better .. Buy encrypted currencies or mining ? :

Is mining worth it ?
As a hobby project, mining encrypted currencies can generate a small income perhaps a dollar or two per day. Especially Bitcoin and
Bitcoin Cash, regularly accessible to ordinary people, can recover $ 1000 of hardware costs in about 18-24 months.
But if you rely on mining as a second source of income, coded currency mining is not a reliable way of earning income at all. Mining income becomes significant only if someone invests between $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 in advance in hardware costs. In which case he will earn $ 50 a day or more.

Buy encrypted currencies
Buying a home is something confusing for many, because it is not a regular investment. You do not get ordinary shares, you get "digital coins" or "token". Most believe that these currencies are much better than having dollars, because they support a larger issue.
If you are looking for new currencies that are making a big move but have not made their way to the big trading sites yet, you are likely to turn them into a Betquin or any other currency you wish.
So it's easier to buy encrypted currencies. Mining is a time consuming process and you need to offer good bandwidth and hardware. You will have to pay for high electricity costs to operate the appliances as well as cooling units and there will be periodic maintenance costs as well.