Nasdaq ready to launch into Bitcoin :

After some financial institutions, it is the turn of the Nasdaq, the Stock Exchange of new technologies, to show its interest in the cryptocurrency market.

Will bitcoin become a financial product like the others? The signs of an institutionalization of the cryptocurrency market have in any case multiplied this week. The latest announcement, that of the leader of Nasdaq, Adena Friedman, who said Wednesday that the giant US stock market was considering becoming a marketplace for cryptocurrencies. "I'm sure they're here for a long time, it's just a matter of time for the market to mature," she said.

Without giving a precise deadline, she insisted on the need for a "smoothed" and clear regulation of the sector. For the Nasdaq as for all market players.

Gemini-Nasdaq Partnership
In this context, Gemini, the largest exchanger cryptocurrency in the United States, also announced, Wednesday also, to have established a partnership with the Nasdaq. The platform launched by the twin brothers Winklevoss will use the SMARTS technology developed by the stock market giant. Market monitoring tool, this technology helps fight against fraud and illegal trading practices.

New York State recently acted to intensify the regulation of cryptommonies. The State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, sent a survey to exchange platforms, including Gemini. Objective: to meet their needs of "transparency and accountability" to investors.

Financial institutions are converting
On Monday, Goldman Sachs announced it would set up a bitcoin trading team. Thomson Reuters recently conducted a survey of more than 400 clients, including large asset managers, hedge funds and trading desks at major banks. Among these platforms, such as Eikon, FXall or Elektron, 20% said they were seriously considering the launch of cryptocurrency trading.

About 70% of these platforms indicated that they planned to do this in the next three to six months, and 22% over the next six to twelve months.

"Cryptocurrency is still a relatively small part of the trading market, but this survey indicates that this niche segment is beginning to enter the mainstream of the financial services industry. This is a major change from last year, "said Neill Penney, Co-Head of Trading at Reuters.

Proof that the subject is attracting growing interest: the Thomson Reuters page dedicated to cryptocurrencies is now in second place in terms of traffic in the category of "foreign exchanges", just behind the euro.