Course of bitcoin: the beginning of a big bullish wave ? :

Bitcoin is out of the downtrend in which it was locked since early January.
It's official, the cryptocurrency sector has come out of its icy winter and is preparing to face the spring in great shape. The largest stocks in the sector continue their progression, which has been going on for about a week. Over the past seven days, Bitcoin has risen by 15%, Ethereum by 35%, Ripple by 38% and Bitcoin Cash by 94%. Most financial specialists attribute this movement to technical factors. More precisely, at the break of a bitcoin price resistance around 8,900 dollars. This has been broken in recent hours, which is a positive signal for investors. This is the first time since the fall of early January that the course manages to extricate itself from the downward trend.

 The course of Bitcoin is now sailing at 9,300 dollars and sees once again the symbolic threshold of 10,000 dollars, crossed for the first time last November. Traditionally, the other cryptocurrencies follow the trend of Bitcoin but in higher variations upward or downward.

However, it is advisable to remain very cautious: the year 2018 will be that of regulation and many decisions could affect the courses. In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the federal regulator and regulator of the financial markets, would consider redefining the vast majority of cryptocurrencies into financial securities. This would have the effect of prohibiting their trade on most US platforms (Coinbase, GDAX, Poloniex, etc.), and therefore indirectly cause a drop in their price.

According to initial discussions, Bitcoin would be exempted from regulation because its protocol is totally decentralized. On the other hand, it is more complicated for the values ​​created following ICO (Initial Coin Offering), a new fundraising technique at the origin of the invention of most cryptocurrencies.