Coinbase, the google of Bitcoin:

Far from the troubles of the end of 2017, Coinbase weaves its web by announcing new services and acquisitions. The main broker of Bitcoin asserts itself as the key firm of the sector.

Despite the small number of cryptocurrencies it offers (4), Coinbase is surely the most famous company in the sector. Ergonomic, easy to use, with an application worthy of the best banks online, its platform is the ideal gateway to buy its first bitcoins. The start-up is remunerated by taking between 0.25% and 4% on each transaction. It has been valued at $ 1.6 billion since August 2017 and recent announcements are expected to add to this amount.

Coinbase acquired Monday, one of the few blockchain companies already profitable. It is an email service that can earn cryptocurrencies by responding to surveys or by doing small tasks (find a job offer to someone for example). The takeover occurs on the same day as Cipher, a mobile internet browser that can also be used as a wallet to store cryptocurrencies. The amount of the acquisitions has not been disclosed, but that of Earn could reach $ 100 million according to the US site Techcrunch.

The American start-up founded in 2012 thus weaves its web, far from the turbulence of the second half of 2017. While bitcoin prices tutoyaient peaks, the platform of purchase-sale suffered several breakdowns during which investors could not withdraw any more. their funds. The fault, according to the company, to too many simultaneous connections. It must be said that the servers were put to the test: the number of users has increased from 5 million to more than 10 million in 2017. A large part of them arrived during the last quarter. And poisoned gift: his mobile app has long been premiere of the AppStore at the end of the year.

These technical malfunctions forced his young boss Brian Armstrong (35 years old!) To explain himself in December in a blog post. In it, he stressed the considerable resources invested to follow a too strong pace for his shoulders: "During this year we have invested significant resources to increase the trading capacity of our platform and to maintain the availability of our service . We increased the size of our customer service by 640% and launched phone support in September. " Proof of this is that it was not enough ... Since then, the pressure seems to be down and Coinbase regularly announces new innovations.

The company unveiled in February a service for e-merchants wishing to receive payments in cryptocurrencies. In March, management unveiled the outlines of an index fund for investors who would like to expose themselves to variations in several cryptocurrencies (it still needs to be approved by the SEC, the US stock exchange's gendarme). Finally, at the beginning of April, it presented a venture capital fund whose mission will be to invest in the future nuggets of the sector ... before being itself bought back?

Coinbase is now one of the prime targets in the US market. The US site Recode indicates that the start-up has won more than a billion dollars in 2017. This iron health fuels speculation, so much so that the board of directors formally banned shareholders in January to resell their shares. . There is no doubt that Wall Street heavyweights are bending their weapons to afford a portion of the most symbolic business of the crypto universe. But it is nevertheless an unknown before the horizon is clear: regulation.

This is just a matter of weeks in the US and platforms are anxiously awaiting future rules of the SEC. On Tuesday, April 17, the Attorney General of New York (which depends Coinbase) has submitted a questionnaire of 34 points to which companies selling cryptocurrencies will have to answer precisely. Among thorny issues, justice expects precise answers on their internal rules to prevent insider trading. Coinbase is particularly expected on this aspect because of an episode that sticks to the skin.

On December 19th, Coinbase introduced a fourth cryptocurrency to its trading platform, Bitcoin Cash, before suspending it after a few hours. At stake: a significant amount of purchases just before the official announcement and a massive resale soon after. Many users have accused employees of taking advantage of the information they had to get rich.

Brian Armstrong has always denied any fraud, without winning the support of experts. And this episode is not isolated: Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin and former director of engineering of Coinbase, would also have benefited several times from his position to advance his business. So many questions that suggest that Coinbase has not yet swapped his clothes turbulent teenager against the leader's costume ...

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