Bitcoin, Ethereum And Ripple For All! The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms :

Formerly devoted to initiated breakaways arcane blockhain and other mining, cryptocurrency trading platforms "mainstream" are now established on the internet. The neophytes, swept away by the breakthrough Bitcoin, also begin to succumb to the virtual currencies fashion, to the point of also forming a wallet. But that is not without risk. Forbes France offers you its "Top 3" platforms most easily accessible.

"It's really safe, it's really cool and if you're really interested you can go with your eyes closed." Another ubiquitous advertising that obstructs the reading of an article on the Internet? An aggressive pop-up? Not quite done ... rather a "smart advice" from the star of reality TV, Nabilla Benattia, enjoining its millions of fans on social networks (nearly 2.7 million on Twitter alone) to invest in the "nebula" Bitcoin . In view of the sphere of influence and the force of the former star of the Angels of reality TV on the internet, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) - and its 5,870 subscribers - split a tweet against the young woman, recalling the dangers of such an investment blindly. "Bitcoin is very risky! We can lose all his bet. No miracle placement. Stay away ". An introductory statement revealing the "Bitcoin hype" that now affects all categories of the population, even those who have never made the slightest investment in their lives.

Following a glance not always sharp the fluctuations of cryptocurrencies, essentially retaining their respective spectacular rise, and hoping to quickly make a fortune in record time, the general public had the eyes of Chimene for these new heralds, symbols of money ( too easy. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple are thus mentioned daily as miracle placements. But the reality is more complex, each medal with its reverse. This "gold rush" and mass exodus of a not-well-informed public has whetted the appetite of hackers. "The reward is now greater, the hackers will, therefore, multiply attacks and other raids," confirms Alexey Malanov, antimalware expert at Kaspersky Lab. To avoid losing your bet, as many users of the Japanese platform Coincheck have lost nearly 430 million euros of assets in NMS (another digital currency), Forbes offers a Top 3 platforms for trading cryptocurrency safely.

Bitit, the French girl who rides (and the only one in France to offer Ripple)
In orbit at the end of last year in its new version, Bitit offers to buy Bitcoin ... and recently the Litecoin and Ripple. "If Bitcoin is the currency of the internet, everything remains to be done in terms of accessibility. If a lambda user wants to buy Bitcoin, he has no alternative but to go to these platforms devolved to insiders. "Says Nicolas Katan, one of Bitit's three prime contractors and who, according to the title, began to" mine "Bitcoin in 2014 in his dorm room. Bitit thus proposes to acquire, very easily, "reasonable sums". Up to 150 euros, the modus operandi is as follows: creation of an account and a simple user profile. If the future buyer wants to offer more, he must justify his identity, according to a process, too, quite playful. "He has to take a selfie with his identity card," Nicolas Katan confirms. Each user can thus afford up to 2,500 euros of Bitcoins per week. The average basket being 75 euros.

Coinbase, the safe bet
The epithet "hegemonic" befits Coinbase wonderfully, undeniably "giant" market platforms cryptocurrency exchanges. With 7.5 million users in 190 countries, the California start-up founded in 2012 literally serves as a "standard meter" in this area. It is also, like Bitit, one of the easiest tools for a neophyte. His mobile application is currently one of the most downloaded. In addition, its sleek design and ergonomics facilitate immediate handling. From a purely "user" point of view, we can deplore quite high commissions on transactions (between 1.49% and 3.99% depending on the amounts). Another inconvenience, small "technical bugs" when the rush to the platform is too important. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and recently Bitcoin Cash are among the currencies offered by the platform ... which has also benefited from the enthusiasm of the general public. Last December, she recorded up to 100,000 registrations a day. What fill the funds of the start-up: with a turnover exceeding one billion dollars, Coinbase flew over its own forecasts, she who counted "only" on 600 million for the year 2017.

Coinhouse, ideal for beginners
Despite a site less welcoming than that of its counterparts (a simple world map as a home page, the minimum union), Coinhouse nevertheless shines by its accessibility and use rather playful and comprehensive. In addition, not insignificant, Coinhouse - as its name suggests - is backed by the space "The House of Bitcoin". This house, located in Paris, has a physical exchange counter (the only one in France) and even provides various training. The ideal way to begin your adventure in the nebulous world of cryptocurrency. The only downside, and not least, transaction costs too high (which border the 10% for less than 500 euros, for example). No doubt the price to pay to take its first steps, well accompanied it must be recognized because in this dark world, the "after-sales service" is clearly the physical value of this platform. "Guards" and coaching welcome at a time when everyone, and sometimes anyone, feels the soul of an investor.