6 Instructions to know before trading in encrypted currencies :

1- Do not start trading virtual currencies unless you have a clear plan, including a strategy to deal with any sudden problems. Your plan should include both near and long term goals. You should also determine what kind of virtual currency you will buy first. One of the most important points to be adhering to is when you sell the currency and do not make reckless moves without thinking.

2- Start with the goal. You have to define your goal from any step before embarking upon it. Even as your profits increase, you can not rely on a zero-loss policy. The absence of a long-term strategy will result in your loss.

3- Analyze, keep track of all news and analysis related to the prices of the virtual currencies. If there are some terms or information that you do not understand well, you should search for them well.

4- Buy the cheapest and sell for the highest price, the principle seems easy to implement at first glance, you can not sell or buy once you resort to the price, you have to find other reasons that serve your goals.

5- Keep your private data well, you can not in any way disclose your private data and confidential numbers to your accounts under any circumstances.

6- Make sure twice, you have to check more than once before any link before you open it. There are many attempts to steal every day through fake links to steal personal accounts of people, in order to steal their money, and there are other links similar to Twitter links published by Get personal data for individuals to access their money.