Twitter at war against cryptocurrency scams :

Twitter at war against cryptocurrency scams

On the one hand, a social network or anonymity is the almost universal rule. On the other, a real cryptocurrency boom. Between ? Scammers determined to enjoy as much as they can. However, Twitter has decided to tighten a little screw. 

Scams with the founder of Ethereum
Indeed, in recent weeks, the platform has had the right to an explosion of scams related to cryptocurrencies. The concept is simple. The promise of a generous payment in a virtual currency, if the person makes a small transfer first. Of course, in order to bait the users, it is usually celebrities who are used through fake accounts.

The founder of the Ethereum currency, Vitalik Buterin was thus entitled to his false accounts. A changing letter or a small symbol is often enough to make a difference. Twitter is aware of the problem. In a statement, they explained to our colleagues at The Verge: "We are aware that this form of manipulation is particularly active and we are putting in place signals to prevent this type of accounts to continue to do so." As for Vitalik, he had to change the name of his official account Vitalik "No I do not give ETH" Buterin.

Elon Musk also targeted
Note that the founder of Ethereum is not the only person targeted. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla was also entitled to his copies. One of them proposed to give 3,000 ETH to his fans at the launch of Falcon 9. It was enough to make a small donation to start. Of course, other fake surfers explained then that it worked. Twitter suspended this account very quickly.

At the same time, the Japanese authorities have also taken action against local platforms. FSHO and Bit Station would not have had effective trade control or even misappropriated deposits. An announcement that dropped bitcoin by 5% almost immediately.