Millionaire at 17 already thanks to cryptocurrencies :

When he left his computer apprenticeship, his teacher had predicted that he would end up selling kebabs. Today, Leonardo Vörstratten Von Sylva (his nickname in the middle) has made a fortune. "I won my first million last year. Since then, I continue to generate large sums every day, "explains Montheysan, who is only 17 years old.

His success, he owes it mainly to cryptocurrencies. His story began when he was only 13 years old. "I officiated as a football referee, an activity paid 40 francs. per match. One evening, I stayed at the bar to talk with a former coach of my club. He started talking to me about these virtual currencies. At first, I did not understand anything. But I learned about the internet and, a week later, I bought my first bitcoin, "remembers young Valaisan.

Diversify to be more successful
From point to point, the budding financier has reinvested his capital in new cryptocurrencies, such as ether or litecoin. He has surrounded himself with specialists and together they have created a "mining farm" (shared computers, whose computing power is at the service of Bitcoin society which pays them with its currency). In parallel, he acquired real estate. "My current project is to create a system to make simple and fast transactions, like paying a coffee, with cryptocurrencies," he says.