Cryptocurrencies: the SEC investigates the fundraising market :

More than a dozen companies and their councils have just been assigned. The SEC questions the legality of some OICs.
This time, the American regulator decided to hit hard. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has simultaneously launched several lawsuits against dozens of ICO projects, digital fundraisers with "tokens".

Assignments, with requests for information, involve at least a dozen technology companies and their advice, says the business paper. They intervene after several cases of fraud, already pinned by the SEC, and while the ICO market is booming.

Requests for information on "tokens"
The American stockbroker has already pointed out the dangers associated with this innovative financing method, which has just surpassed that of venture capital in volume terms. But, a sign that things are moving forward, this is the first time the SEC has launched proceedings on several projects. And especially the biggest ones.

Possible violations of the law
With its investigations, the SEC seeks to clarify several gray areas. And in particular the possibly "illegal" nature of certain ICOs, which do not comply with the securities legislation (shares).

According to the SEC, most of them are prepared and organized outside the legal framework. A situation that presents risks in terms of information and investor protection, as scams multiply. MIT recently raised $ 200 billion to $ 317 million worth of ICO fraud in 2017, nearly 10% of the market.