Bitcoin: a cryptocurrency dedicated to Emmanuel Macron :

After Bitcoin, the MACRON? Meticulous computer scientists have created during the inter-two rounds of the presidential cryptocurrency in tribute to the President of the Republic, the MACRON (MCRN).
At the time we wrote these lines, Thursday, March 1 in the middle of the afternoon, the MACRON was worth $ 0.002502, or 0.002 cents. This is a modest value but has risen in recent days, even if it remained far from its maximum value reached on January 9, when it had been valued at around 1 euro cents.

Available on the Cryptopia and Yobit exchange platforms, the MACRON ranked 746 out of a total of 1527 cryptocurrencies. 401,421,401 MACRON units are in circulation, for a total valuation of $ 1,004,449.

On the presentation page of the MACRON, its creators briefly recall the biography of Emmanuel Macron: "In his inaugural speech, Macron called for a 'democratic revolution' and promised to 'unblock France'. supports, obtaining the support of Fran├žois Bayrou and his party, the MoDem, the European deputy Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the environmentalist candidate for the left-wing primary Fran├žois de Rugy, and the socialist deputy Richard Ferrand, secretary general of En Marche Can we read in particular?

"The two main candidates for the French presidential election are Macron and Marie (sic) Le Pen. The Pen is not a fan of Bitcoin and is too populist to be a good leader so support this reasonable candidate, "the commentary adds.

It is relatively easy, provided you have knowledge of computer programming, to create a cryptocurrency. Most of them rely on the blockchain Bitcoin, available in "open source" and therefore usable by everyone to create the encrypted currency of his choice.