Will the record cryptocurrency boom in 2017 continue in 2018 ? :

The price of bitcoin, the most popular decentralized digital currency, increased by 1300% last year. The time when some predicted the death of this peer-to-peer payment system is over. Cryptocurrencies, between 1,300 and 1,500 counted today, are an integral part of the financial landscape.

In 2017, Bitcoin, with a stock market value of more than $ 19 billion, has come to the top of the list of digital currencies published on the CoinMarketCap website. The course of Bitcoin went from $ 650 to $ 13,000 at the end of the year. Ethereum took second place on the podium with 3.9 billion followed by Ripple, with a market value of 1.2 billion dollars. Litcoin finished in fourth place with $ 449.8 million, joined by Dash with $ 443.6 million. 2017 was the year of all records.

This ranking, based on stock market valuation, masks the incredible rise of the XRP digital currency, distributed by the Ripple company, which has increased by 36,000% in 2017. Its success comes from its stated objective, different from that other Altcoins. Ripple allows you to transfer funds from one country to another in seconds, unlike the secure SWIFT bank transfer system, which can take several days. Many banks are already working in partnership with Ripple.

Will the rise of cryptocurrencies be slowed in 2018 by its detractors?
Will the year 2018 be once again that of cryptocurrencies? The question remains open as governments and banking institutions call for the implementation of a regulatory framework. In France, Jean-Pierre Landau, nicknamed Mr. Bitcoin of the government, has been mandated by Bruno Lemaire to report on crypto-currencies. The Minister of Economy said during his vows of January 15 last: "I just entrusted to Jean-Pierre Landau, former Deputy Governor of the Bank of France, a mission on cryptocurrencies. This mission will provide me with guidance on the evolution of regulations to better control development and prevent their use for tax evasion, money laundering or financing of criminal activities or terrorism. "Bruno Lemaire intends to use this first report for the G20 in March 2018 to define, with his German counterpart, proposals for regulation. China, as well as Korea, in 2017, have already banned this type of currency. No wonder other governments such as the United Kingdom, where the United States also wants to monitor this system in 2018. The future will tell if the management and / or regulation of cryptocurrency will mark the beginning of a legitimization of this digital currency which has not yet legal tender but a number of users and a constantly increasing value.