Visa recognizes his fault in the failure of cryptocurrency purchases :

Visa finally admits Coinbase's arguments after users have paid cryptocurrency purchase transactions several times. In the meantime, Visa has repaid the people who have been kidnapped.

Last week, Visa and Coinbase, a cryptocurrency platform, were involved in litigation and sent the ball back. On the Reddit socialization platform, users complained that they had paid up to 17 times digital currency purchase amounts. Visa and Coinbase were accusing each other until the first named took responsibility.

"In the past two days, Coinbase customers have been able to record repetitive transactions on their account, which was not caused by Coinbase," Visa said in a statement.

"Visa has made contact with banks to make the repayments, the amounts are transferred to the accounts of the fooled people.However, the majority of these transactions should already be done.We advise people who would still have problems [... ] to contact their bank branch. "

Nevertheless, Visa remains rather superficial on the precise cause of the problem in question, as well as on the existence of a solution. However, the company has already announced that the error was not in a recent change in its Merchant Category Code (MCC), as previously suggested by Coinbase.