Video games: Etherbots, the Pokemon Go cryptocurrency? :

Pokémon Go helped to democratize augmented reality. Etherbots will he do the same with cryptocurrencies? The video game based on the blockchain Ethereum, offers to buy cryptocurrency robots before confronting other players online.
The game has been online since February 21st. Etherbots had proposed before its release to buy one of 3,900 surprise boxes put in presale, in which the future players could find weapons, armor, rare objects and other surpises, including a Lamborghini in gold in unique copy. These "surprise pouches" are gone like hotcakes in the space of a few days.

Etherbots is based on the Ethereum blockchain, on which also the Ether cryptocurrency rests. It is with the latter that players will buy their robots and accessories that will improve them.

Because as in any good online video game, improving the characters will give them more chance to win against their opponents a fosi thrown into the arena. Each victory will then allow the robot to gain experience and become stronger and stronger. Players will also be able to win rare items, such as a flamethrower in gold.

Players will be able to buy and sell robots and accessories together. In total, it will be possible to create more than two million different robots. And the blockchain will guarantee that each of them is unique, which will make their value.

Etherbots seems to promise even greater success than the first game released on the Ethereum blockchain a few months ago, CryptoKitties. The latter had caused congestion of the system because of the unexpected influx of a large number of players. The game proposed, on the same principle as Etherbots, to collect and create new cats by making them cross each other. On the other hand, we had to content ourselves with admiring them: they did not fight each other, as the robots will do.

The potential success of Etherbots could thus bring new people to cryptocurrency, get Ether, Ethereum currency, being essential to play. The phenomenal success of the Pokémon Go game developed by Nintendo has made between augmented reality in the daily lives of millions of people. Will Etherbots bring cryptocurrency into every home?