The US Olympic luge team gets funding in Bitcoin :

The US Olympic luge team, which has just won the silver medal won by Chris Madzer, has shown acceptance of bitcoin donations as part of its development.
Last December, the USA Luge Foundation launched a massive fundraising campaign entitled "Tobogganing has always rewarded innovation and technology". "We often hear that the luger are crazy. A bit like people who risk investing in bitcoins! In fact, our rapprochement is logical, "says Gordy Sheer, marketing director of USA Luge.

One of the first donors to get involved in the game was Ty Danco, a former financial lender on Wall Street. "It's a natural choice for the whole team. In our viewfinder, we already have the Olympics of 2022 and 2026. We hope to offer our athletes the best training and preparation conditions so that they can establish the best possible results, "he says.

The logo of the most famous cryptocurrency will soon appear on American sleds and sledding equipment. This is reminiscent of the sponsorship, established in 2014, between the Dogecoin and NASCAR cars.

After nearly 20,000 dollars (or 16,015 euros) in December, the price of bitcoin has fallen sharply for several weeks, passing punctually under the $ 5,400 (4.323 euros). "We must see behind this movement the regulatory tightening and the fact that investors are losing confidence in virtual currencies, especially after the piracy of the Japanese exchange platform Coincheck", recently commented Stephen Innes, head of Asia-Pacific transactions at Oanda, a financial services company specializing in the foreign exchange market.