The number of hedge funds in cryptocurrency still increases :

The number of hedge funds dedicated to cryptocurrencies has more than doubled in four months despite the sharp fall in the value of these virtual currencies in recent weeks, show data released Thursday by Autonomous NEXT.

This research firm specializing in "fintech" counted 226 of these hedge funds on February 15 against 110 in mid-October, 55 end of August and only 37 at the beginning of last year.

This surge in the number of hedge funds dedicated to cryptocurrencies has long gone hand in hand with that of their valuations, which have been hurt, however, in recent weeks.

After tutelage the $ 20,000 in December, bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency, lost 70% of its value to fall below $ 6,000 at the beginning of the month, posting its worst monthly performance in three years.

He has since recovered but, at less than $ 10,000, he is trading at half that it was worth a little more than a month ago.

Other cryptocurrencies have also fallen sharply and their cumulative valuations at market prices today represent about 465 billion dollars against 830 billion in early January.

The hedge funds dedicated to them saw their assets fall 4.6% on average in January after recording an average performance of nearly 1,500% last year, according to data firm Eurekahedge.