Tesla servers used by hackers to generate cryptocurrencies :

Tesla may send cars in space, but she remains vulnerable on Earth. Researchers at RedLock, a company specializing in the field of computer security, have demonstrated in a report published Tuesday, February 20. It reveals that hackers were able to access servers used by Tesla, hosted at Amazon Web Services.
The researchers found malware that "undermined" cryptocurrency. This means that he used the computing power of the servers to make virtual currency.

A "limited" impact, according to Tesla
Involved, a negligence of Tesla. The company was using open source software, Kubernetes, which it had not secured - it was possible to access it without a password. However, the identifiers to access Tesla's Amazon servers were stored there, and that is how the hackers were able to enter to install their malware ("malware"), according to RedLock.

The discovery was made last month. The automaker, informed in stride, has since been able to eradicate the "malware", and better secure his system.

It is unclear how much virtual currency has been mined. Regarding the security of the data contained on the server, a spokesman for the brand assured Wired that the impact of this malware had been "limited". "Our initial investigation found no evidence suggesting that the confidentiality of customer data, vehicle safety or security has been compromised in any way. "