MWC2018: Archos Announces Launch of Cryptocurrency Portfolio :

Definitely, Archos has decided to show diversification because after unveiling smartphones, a connected scooter or a smart assistant, it is now a physical wallet crypto-currencies, which is talked about. Archos has introduced the Safe-T mini, a physical portfolio that will carry its cryptocurrencies with you.

The manufacturer Archos has decided to conquer a new sector of activity, namely that of cryptocurrency. The company is launching a physical portfolio called Safe-T mini. The concept is simple, when we see the soaring prices of crypto-currencies the question of the security of these currencies becomes crucial, especially if they are stored on the hard drive of a PC.

Archos wants his share of the cryptocurrency pie and launches the Safe-T mini

Archos is well aware of this and therefore offers its Safe-T mini, a round case 58 mm in diameter, capable of storing crypto-currencies, but also to manage these cryptoactives. However, Archos will have much to do, because it is obviously not alone in this niche and several companies also offer physical portfolios. We can cite the French company Ledger, a tough competitor since the company is now world leader in the market for secure wallets for cryptoactives.

Archos says: "The ARCHOS Safe-T mini is compatible with the following software: Electrum, GreenAddress / Greenbits, MyCrypto and Mycelium. It supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash and other upcoming cryptocurrencies. "

DomRaider, which has established a partnership with Archos for the precise marketing: "The portfolio will be available from June 2018, priced at € 49.99. DomRaider, for its part, offers € 50 in DRT (DomRaider Token) to the first purchasers of the Safe-T mini limited edition. "

More security with the Safe-T mini! At Ledger, we do not necessarily agree ...
Still, some voices are raised against the Safe-T mini, especially on the side of competition that criticizes the product design and safety. Charles Guillemet, Chief Security Officer at Ledger explains: "The STM32 [used by Archos] was designed for basic electronics, especially with low-power applications and there is no countermeasure against all attacks known. It is therefore possible to extract sensitive data from an STM32. "

For its part Archos explains that the Safe-T mini can generate a private key, as well as a passphrase in case of problems. In addition, to administer your wallet, make a transaction or make a payment, the owner of the Safe-T mini will need to enter a PIN and confirm the transaction by physical interaction with the wallet. What significantly limit piracy. If you want to know more, here is the Archos release planned for the MWC 2018.