MWC 2018: SikurPhone, the tamper-proof smartphone ready for Bitcoin :

After launching the GranitePhone in 2015, Sikur took advantage of Mobile World Congress 2018 to present a new ultra-secure smartphone model. Called "SikurPhone", it runs under SikurOS, a secure operating system derived from Android 7 on which only applications that have been approved by Sikur teams can be installed.

As such, the company now has its own application store - not very provided for now - in which the user can pick. If he does not find his happiness, he can always submit the coveted application to the manufacturer who will examine it and, if necessary, will accept it in his shop.

A "SikurWallet" to test the market
The other big novelty is the integration of a wallet for cryptocurrencies, the "SikurWallet". This addition is opportunistic in the sense that it does not really meet a need of Sikur's traditional clientele, rather made up of senior executives. "Cryptocurrency users are struggling to find secure solutions to store it. Our platform can be an answer to this problem. It might even interest individuals. We will test the market, "explains Alexandre Vasconcelos, General Manager of Sikur.

In order to attract the barge, the company also carried out intrusion tests in partnership with HackerOne, a collaborative marketplace for "bug bounty". SikurPhone were sent to about 50 selected hackers, so they could test the terminal. Result: "The hackers could not extract any information," says Alexandre Vasconcelos.

Average specifications paid at a high price
On the other hand, there is nothing special about hardware specifications. The features are average: 5.5 inch screen, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, Mediatek MT6750 processor, 13 MP cameras (rear) and 5 MP (front). The price, on the other hand, is rather upscale. Interested parties will have to put $ 799 on the table to have a SikurPhone, which will not be delivered until August 2018. This rate includes the use for two years Sikur services such as encrypted telephony, encrypted email, cloud, the purse, etc. Beyond that, the proud owner of this ultra-secure phone will have to pay $ 150 a year.