In Russia, engineers "mined" bitcoins in a nuclear center :

Engineers from the All-Russian Institute for Scientific Research in Experimental Physics did not resist the temptation. Several of them were arrested in early February, after trying to "mine" bitcoin on the computers of the Russian nuclear center located in Sarov, in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Even here, in this closed city, formerly known by its code name of Arzamas-16, where was developed "Tsar Bomba", the Soviet nuclear bomb, in one of the places still today the most secure of Russia, the virtual currency has finally been introduced.

"There was, in fact, an attempt to use computer capabilities for personal purposes, including winning bitcoins. A criminal investigation was opened ", confirmed, a little unhappy, Tatiana Zalesskaya, spokesperson of the Institute, quoted on February 9 by the agency Interfax. The site, it is true, has some assets. The "mining", that is to say the creation on the cryptocurrency network, requires to perform complex mathematical calculations on powerful computers, very greedy in energy. However, in 2011, the center of Sarov had equipped with a supercomputer, with a computing capacity of up to 1 petaflop, making it one of the most powerful in the world. Only problem: the machines were not connected to the Internet - an obstacle quickly resolved by the pros of the atom. The price of bitcoin then oscillated around 8 000 dollars (about 6 000 euros at the time).

The hunt for fraudsters is open
The madness of bitcoin is a particular problem in Russia, where energy is cheap. "Abuses are becoming more and more common," says the business paper Vedomosti. In December 2017, the system administrator of Vnoukovo, one of the three major airports in Moscow, was identified because of the voltage fluctuations in the internal network that ...