How to buy Bitcoin, Ripple, Ether or other cryptocurrency ? :

Bitcoin was approaching $ 10,000 this week after falling to almost $ 6,000 on Feb. 7. At the heart of the news, cryptocurrency has attracted the interest of many potential investors. Here are some important tips before getting started.
Before going any further, we remind you that the market for encrypted currencies is extremely volatile, as we have seen in recent weeks.

Anyway, if the future of Bitcoin in particular as its current alternatives (Ether, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash ...) is obviously uncertain, that of cryptocurrencies in general seems radiant. The technologies on which they are based, which accelerate transactions and reduce the costs associated with them, but also the promises of future projects they bring (connected objects, smart contracts, etc ...) represent the future. Some even believe that they will be at the origin of the fourth industrial revolution.

Register on an exchange platform
To start buying cryptocurrency, you must first register on one of the many cryptocurrency trading platforms. The best known and the easiest to use is Coinbase, whose only flaw is to take into account only four cryptocurrency (Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin).

The other two major platforms are Binance, which has the advantage of offering many possibilities in terms of cryptocurrency as well as Bitfinex.

These platforms allow you to keep your cryptocurrency. It is strongly advised to enable security options like the Google 2FA Key with the Google Authenticator application.

Store his cryptocurrencies
For large amounts of money, it is advisable to store your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency on online or physical porefiles.

Material portfolios. These small devices look like USB sticks connect to your computer or phone, and you can transfer cryptomonniaes to store them. They are the safest, since disconnected from the Internet, and therefore particularly recommended for large sums.

We particularly recommend the Ledger Nano S, manufactured by a French company, Ledger Wallet.

You can also store your Bitcoins on a computer, so it is advisable to cut it off the Internet to prevent hacking. Be careful, however, not to burn your hard disk!

Online portfolios. The most user-friendly, and best known, portfolio is Coinbase, which is one of the most downloaded applications in the United States.

Others exist like Jaxx, Exodus, Electrum or Bread.

 Build your wallet
After validating your payment methods with your bank, you can start buying Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

As any traditional investor advises, it is best not to put all your eggs in one basket. If currently the growth of Bitcoin encourages to place his marbles in the star cryptocurrency, others may be interesting.

If you are not a financial expert, prefer a long-term investment. Apart from Bitcoin, there are many options: Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, NEO, ICON, VeChain, Stellar Lumens or even Monero to name only some of the best known.

Stay informed
As when investing in stock market, it is indeed necessary to know well what in which one invests. Before embarking on cryptocurrency, we can only advise you to read on the subject, and watch videos.

Some examples of interesting sources to keep you informed: Coindesk, cryptocoins news (in English), or the Journal du coin. To which we must add the traditional financial media, comem Forbes, Business Insider, or France Les Echos and La Tribune, which are increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies.

Do not hesitate to follow Youtubes channels or specialized youtubeurs. We recommend the French Hasheur, or the Americans Ameer Rosic, Jerry Banfield, DataDash, or CryptoDaily. Attention, these videos are in English.

 Do not ignite
Once provided with all its information, be careful not to want too much right away. The main advice is to invest only what you can lose. As was said at the beginning of the article, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile.

Investing in the long term seems to be the most reasonable option, so you need to have a firm hand. Even if the currency goes down, you should never panic, because selling right away can guarantee losing money, even though the price could rise as well.