For Bill Gates, cryptocurrencies kill :

The co-founder of Microsoft believes that cryptocurrencies are a bad thing because they fuel the funding of deadly illegal activities. A vision of things that have not failed to challenge Internet users reminding that the dollar kills, too.

Yesterday, Bill Gates held on Reddit a session "Ask Me Anything", in which it was discussed in particular virtual currencies. Asked about their dangerousness, the co-founder of Microsoft explained that he considers cryptocurrencies to be really harmful, simply because they help keep financial transactions out of government radars. For him, Bitcoin et al. Revolutionize mainly organized crime: terrorism, arms sales, drug trafficking. Activities that "kill people in a very direct way", says Bill Gates.

"The main innovation of cryptocurrencies is the anonymity they hold in a financial transaction - I do not think that's a good thing - the fact that governments can normally fight against money laundering. , tax evasion and the financing of terrorism is a good thing Today, cryptocurrencies are used to buy fentanyl and other very hard drugs, so this is a technology that is causing direct death I think that the speculative wave around ICOs and cryptocurrencies is very risky for those who see the long term, "wrote Bill Gates.
A disputed statement
This intervention has not failed to be disputed, some netizens have reminded Bill Gates with or without cryptocurrencies, people who really want to buy or sell illegal products (weapons, drugs, etc.) have always managed to make. Many also dispute this reading of the problem, arguing that the money in cash is also anonymous in itself, and that the authorities have already managed to trace criminal networks whose financial strings were organized around the bitcoin. Indeed, all bitcoin transactions are recorded in the blockchain and experts have already been able to identify people in the context of investigations, while various reports show that less than 5% of bitcoin transactions affect illegal trade; cash is widely used for criminal purposes.

Finally, some remind Bill Gates that cryptocurrency or not, there is always a time when a delivery of goods must take place, and physical contact - even indirect - does indeed exist between criminals and their customers. These various interventions did not prevent Bill Gates from camping on his positions.