Cryptocurrency millionaires start funding transhumanist research :

Transhumanism and virtual currencies, here is an unexpected marriage! Indeed, some patrons of the world of cryptocurrencies are fond of research on transhumanism, and make it hard to know.

Let us first recall that transhumanism is a cultural and intellectual movement free of borders, advocating the use of science and technology in order to improve the human condition. It is about increasing the physical and mental characteristics of human beings, the most well-known notion being the extension of life expectancy.

As the Quartz website reports, many donors who have made a fortune with cryptocurrencies have decided to financially support research on transhumanism. For example, the founder of the ethereum Vitalik Buterin donated $ 2.4 million (in ethereum) to the SENS Research Foundation, a non-profit organization based in California. Its mission is to develop biotechnologies for rejuvenation. In addition, the Pineapple Fund held by an anonymous person also contributed financially.

Aubrey de Gray, scientific director at SENS, said in a Sunday Times podcast that it is possible to avoid aging. He also believes that the hope of human life could last several hundred years and that it is not surprising that patrons from the world of virtual currencies decide to support this kind of project.

"Young adults in this world are quite open to the idea that aging is a problem that can be solved," said Aubrey de Gray.

For now, the SENS Foundation has secured $ 4 million in annual budget over a number of years. Indeed, since December 2017, nearly 7 billion bitcoins and ethereum have been donated to the association. Next step: roll back the aging of mice in the next five years hoping to one day apply these methods to humans.