Cryptocurrencies rebound after the fall :

The prices of the main cryptocurrencies, and particularly that of bitcoins, had been falling sharply for some time because of the tightening of regulation and the various recent cases. But the trend of recent days is rebounding and all values ​​start more or less upward.

Indeed, according to Coinmarketcap, Bitcoin, which had come down to $ 6,000 a short time ago, is recovering from 17% to over $ 8,200. For other cryptocurrencies soaring, the Ethereum takes 16% and reaches 820 dollars, the Bitcoin Cash rush 14% and exceeds the $ 1,000 mark while the Ripple climbs 11% to about 0.78 dollars. The global capitalization of the cryptocurrency market had momentarily passed the $ 400 billion mark.

One of the reasons for this rebound in cryptocurrency is the opportunities generated by the sharp downturn that have been exploited by enterprising investors. But the main reason for this progress turns out to be the position of the US Senate on cryptocurrencies that instead of wanting to limit the expansion of Bitcoin and encrypted currencies, as feared by investors, is heading instead in reverse. Indeed, Christopher Giancarlo, the head of the CFTC, the body responsible for monitoring the financial markets, and Jay Clayton, the boss of the Commission for Security and Trade, have expressed their enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies by indicating wanting respect the interest in cryptocurrency with a welcoming approach to regulation and announcing "do not want to hurt" cryptocurrency. These terms evoked by Christopher Giancarlo encouraged crypto-investors to keep their bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the idea that they will gain value in the future.

This market recovery remains to be confirmed because cryptocurrencies are a particularly risky investment, and this kind of market is very sensitive and subject to other major falls.