Crypto-currencies: The ads on the LitePay propel Litecoin on the markets :

The strong rise of Litecoin continues following announcements around the LitePay service.
The markets are very interested in the payment service of Litecoin which will be launched from February 26th.

LitePay claims to allow businesses to easily accept Litecoin as payments, but they also offer Visa-supported Litecoin credit cards. In addition, LitePay also claims to allow businesses to instantly accept payments in Litecoin, and convert them into currencies (euros, dollars ...).

users will be able to convert the dollar notes, and vice versa, via Visa cards, which can be used on all distributors and all merchants who accept Visa cards.

If all this is achieved, it will be a major change in the world of crypto-currencies, so it is something that does not exist in other crypto-currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, at least not at this level of sophistication. .

LTC is up more than 20% today, compared with just over 3% for BTC and ETH. Towards a more sustained increase in the LTC?