Bullish week start for cryptocurrencies :

In the wake of Bitcoin, all crypto-currencies start the week in the green. Having recently fallen below $ 6,000, the queen of virtual currencies has returned to $ 11,000 for the first time in four weeks before falling back slightly. The BTC currently earns 7% to $ 10,944 dollars on Bitfinex. The Ethereum is up 2% to $ 939. The Ripple advance 4.5% to $ 1.12, Litecoin gains 2.4% to $ 222.6 and Bitcoin Cash is up 5.3% to $ 1,511.

End of bad news?
Maltreated for several weeks by a continuous flow of bad news, the ban on the use of credit cards to buy digital currencies to the pure and simple repression in some countries, through the piracy of some platforms of exchange and the suspicion of price manipulation, virtual currencies have rebounded sharply in recent days in a more buoyant environment.

A more buoyant context
South Korea, for example, said it would allow cryptocurrency users to continue operating in the country while the latest comments from US financial regulators have also reassured, the latter balancing the need for regulation with protection. Consumers ... Several American states also consider the possibility of authorizing the payment of taxes in cryptocurrency. Arizona has just passed a bill to this effect. The legislation would allow residents to pay their income tax by using Bitcoin or other digital currencies.