Bitcoin, a risky investment or a currency ? :

Thanks to the technological evolution of the exchanges, most people use cryptocurrency to buy such a product or benefit from a given service. Bitcoin is among the favorites of users of this kind of currency. Moreover, a survey of about 3,000 people showed that these individuals were unknowingly indebted by using it.

When you are faced with a situation where you want something, but you do not have the necessary means or money in your bank account, you will probably be tempted to use the means. Indeed, most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will turn to a purchase on credit.

The CoinDesk report
In its report entitled "State of Blockchain 2018", CoinDesk, a service specializing in cryptocurrency news, asked about 3,000 interested Bitcoin people. Case confirmed, the statistics showed that more than 80% of which answered to the call did not get into debt in the purchase of cryptocurrencies. In addition, more than half of the borrowers have already repaid their debt according to this survey. They even plan to renew their investment and push it a little further.

A well-known topic of the media
This subject has grown in importance vis-à-vis all the media because of the importance of its value virtually and its currencies. Last December, a strong interest propelled by the mass was the main object of the discussions and conversation published on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ... Regarding its value, it was more than 19 000 dollars before. While currently, it has dropped from the lowest and is below $ 8,000. Its exchange rate varies according to the various seasons, the economic situation, and other factors taken into account.
Proponents of Bitcoin argue that this type of currency could completely replace the use of money around the world. Moreover, the countries that use it as much as the United States consider it as a long-term investment, they do not see it as a form of money to use in everyday life.

In short, this is a controversial subject that elicits the opinion of several users. Some see it clearly as an investment at a loss, the others still find interest in using it. As a result, its effects depend for sure on the way it is used.