Bitcoin has lost more than 55% of its value since December 2017 :

After the euphoria of the end of 2017 when Bitcoin exceeded $ 20,000, the trading market puts a slap at the most famous cryptocurrency that loses more than $ 11,000 with a listing at $ 8566.
The gogos who bought at Bitcoin gold price in December must certainly eat their socks: the famous cryptocurrency has indeed lost almost 60% of its value compared to its peak in December when a bitcoin traded at 20,035 dollars, as Ars Technica recalls. At the time of writing, a Bitcoin is worth only $ 8566, which is sure to annoy some speculators.

If we take the trouble to look at a longer time scale - what we always have to do when we talk about quotation - it is obvious that Bitcoin is constantly growing and that those who have kept their currencies these last 6 months (and more) still made a lot of money: at the same time last year, a Bitcoin was worth only $ 1,000.

But many announcements and measures surround the original cryptocurrency: between Facebook's announcement to no longer reference the advertisements that refer to it, India and other countries (China, Russia) that prohibit it to promote own cyber currency, or the environmental reports that have measured the catastrophic energy cost of transactions, the "grail" of digital currencies is no longer in the odor of sanctity.

 It is obviously too early to bury Bitcoin - which is always more expensive than the basic model from Dacia - but this cold shower will perhaps allow to calm the ardor of the most exalted. And to make the public think about the limits and dangers of mermaids money too easy.