Weiss Ratings launches cryptocurrency notation :

The financial rating agency Weiss Ratings has published for the first time in history a qualitative ranking of cryptocurrencies. This ranking is intended to help investors identify the best of them and eliminate overvalued assets. After the arrival of financial products on cryptocurrencies, they continue their journey towards their democratization thanks to the intervention of these actors from the traditional world of finance.

Weiss Ratings rating 74 cryptocurrencies
The rating agency Weiss Ratings is an independent US rating agency. Founded in 1971 in Florida, the agency says it notes 55,000 active structures or different assets. Unlike its competitors Standard & Poor's, Moody & Fitch, Weiss would never accept financial compensation in exchange for his notes, which should logically give hope for total objectivity in the decision of the agency.

Weiss Ratings published Wednesday, January 24, 2018 a first qualitative ranking of cryptocurrencies. The notes are communicated in letters as for the States, the companies or the traditional financial assets. Weiss Ratings has chosen to analyze the 74 most valued cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin but also altcoins such as: Ethereum, Cardano, Neo, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple ...

According to the rating agency, the two assets with high potential are Ethereum and EOS. These two cryptocurrencies allow developers to launch cryptocurrency (ICO) fundraisers and design decentralized applications (DAPPs). Note also that among the ranking no cryptocurrency has notched the grade of A.

Bitcoin does not get the best rating
According to the rating system of the agency, Bitcoin is no longer the patriarch of the cryptomarket. Indeed with the note of C +, the bitcoin receives the following comment:

"Bitcoin gets excellent scores in safety and for widespread adoption. On the other hand, it encounters significant bottlenecks on its network, resulting in slowdowns and high transaction costs. Despite intense efforts that initially led to some success, Bitcoin is not able to improve its software.

Ethereum takes the first place of the notations with the note of B, this is what Weiss says:

 "The second most widely adopted cryptocurrency has a technology that is more easily scalable and faster, despite some bottlenecks."