TSMC: the Taiwanese giant will bet on cryptocurrency mining in 2018 :

Mining has become a very lucrative sector, especially for computer chips suppliers such as TSMC. The Taiwanese company that manufactures graphics chips from Nvidia and ATI aims to achieve 10% of its turnover 2018 through the cryptography industry.

When TMSC relies on cryptocurrency mining

With the strong growth of cryptocurrency mining, the sale of dedicated computer components is also exploding. One of the largest semiconductor suppliers in the world, TSMC, has had order records in the last twelve months.

The company recorded a 10.1% increase in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2017 compared to the previous quarter. Collecting $ 9.21 billion (total sales).

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company also expects an increase in chip demand for the production of graphics cards for the year 2018.

The crypto industry to fill the decline in orders from Apple?
According to Motley Fool, the Taiwanese giant plans to focus on the components dedicated to mining rather than other sectors of the company.

Bloomberg also confirms the information, explaining that the manufacture of chips dedicated to graphics cards could become the fastest growing segment at TMSC this year. This sector, which is mainly correlated with the crypto mining market, could even represent 10% of the company's revenues in 2018.

This is very good news for the Taiwanese giant who wants to offset the decline of its favorite sector, the supply of chips for Apple. TMSC is indeed in charge of manufacturing the processors that equip the devices of the brand to the apple. And according to AppleInsider, the firm would have appealed to the Taiwanese company to provide the A12 bionic processors for the new 2018 brand.

Poor sales of Apple's new flagship, the iPhone X, will surely impact TMSC's revenue. The latter therefore wants to compensate for this shortfall by selling their chips to Nvidia and ATI, despite the negative forecasts of some experts regarding the sale of graphics cards dedicated to mining.