Tiberius: Three Investment Strategies and Precious Metals for the Watch :

One of the usual clichés used to criticize cryptocurrencies is that they would be based on nothing, or not much, and this is probably true for the overwhelming majority of existing cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, all do not stop there, and try to show that it is also possible to back tangible values ​​behind cryptocurrencies. This is the case of Tiberius, a Swiss investment fund that is preparing to launch a cryptocurrency based on precious metals and industrial ... deliverables!

Who is Tiberius?
Tiberius is an investment fund operating in the commodities market. The treated assets include energy resources, agricultural products, industrial metals and precious metals. The fund manages a portfolio of more than $ 300 million.

Tiberius has been operating since 2005
Tiberius has been operating since 2005

Tiberius is based in Switzerland, in the region of Zug, a region that is known to house a whole ecosystem favorable to cryptocurrencies. No wonder the managers had the idea to launch a cryptocurrency, moreover with the assets they treat. As we have seen in our video on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency in general and Bitcoin in particular have a number of common characteristics with precious metals.

The Watch: a cryptocurrency backed by precious and industrial metals
The name chosen for cryptocurrency is probably not the most selling, but its operating principles, even if they are not revolutionary, are interesting. The Watch will be directly backed by raw materials ... physically deliverable! Forget the CFDs or other intangible financial products, each of the issued tokens will give the owner a right to claim the raw materials equivalent to the value of the token.

Precious metals and industrial metals will be partly stocked at the London Metal Exchange, but also in places selected by Tiberius. The metals will be recorded on the blockchain of Tcoin, allowing a total transparency and above all, a traceability of resources.

Objective: to reduce the volatility of the Witness
Backing up a cryptocurrency to a real commodity, of any nature, would theoretically reduce volatility. The price would be delineated in a range - maximum and minimum - that would be psychologically limited by the price of the underlying resources. This Tiberius initiative is reminiscent of Maduro - the Venezuelan president - who wants to issue a cryptocurrency indexed on the country's mineral resources (oil, gas, gold, and diamonds).

"Allowing buyers to buy gold against metal would give the currency a minimum value and avoid the extreme volatility of other digital currencies like Bitcoin. We want to propose the idea of ​​a cryptocurrency with a real tangible net worth. "Christoph Eibl, co-founder and managing director of the fund

Three versions of the Tcoin for three strategies
The bill will be broken down into 3 versions, each of which will have a different investment strategy.

The first version will be backed by resources related to the development of electric cars (nickel, cobalt & aluminum)
The second version will be backed by resources related to the high technology sector such as robotics (copper, tin & zinc)
The third version will protect the investor against inflation and will be backed only by precious metals (gold, platinum and palladium)
The whitepaper was published in December and Tiberius is currently working with the Swiss regulatory authorities to issue its "crypto asset" without regulatory pitfalls. Tiberius plans to market its token in late February and the launch is scheduled for July.