Sell and buy an apartment in Bitcoin, miami gives the example! :

 Cryptocurrency real estate transactions are no longer rare in Florida with now sellers who ask to be paid in Bitcoin!

"House for sale for 50 Bitcoins". No, you're not dreaming, this type of ad is not foolish because several countries have already recorded a number of real estate transactions with the most famous cryptocurrency: Bitcoin. But of course, the amount in Bitcoin will never appear on a real estate ad given the extreme volatility of this digital currency, accustomed to daily differences of 10% to 30% and just made the news after losing in a few days to half of its value since its recent highs around $ 20,000 (we quote today just over $ 11,000).

Bitcoin accepted
What is true is that some acquirers of real estate, especially in the high-end, are looking to pay in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin of course, and even Ethereum who starts to challenge the mother of cryptocurrency. It must be said that the pioneers of these alternative currencies could accumulate real fortunes. For the transaction to take place, the seller must of course accept this method of payment. This is the case since some openly ask to be paid in this way, not that they are all "players" but perhaps for tax reasons because it makes the eventual capital gain more opaque.

Demand grows in Miami

Obviously, we are not ready to see this in France. All this is happening in the United States at the moment where the regulation of cryptocurrencies is not on the agenda, and Miami in particular. "We have recently had more and more requests from customers wanting to buy properties that are only payable in Bitcoin and sellers who are open to accepting them for the sale of their properties," says Adam Redolfi, who is in charge of developing sales in Miami for the Barnes luxury real estate group. For the regulatory aspect, lawyers take care of the formalities, ensures Adam Redolfi.

An apartment at 18 Bitcoins

Adam Redolfi recalls that the first real estate transaction in Bitcoin in Florida took place in December 2017. It was a two-bedroom apartment in the fashionable Upper East Side neighborhood of Miami, bought 18 Bitcoins or the equivalent of 275,000 $. According to this high-end real estate specialist in Florida, the attractiveness and dynamism of Miami could well turn the city into a paradise for investors in cryptocurrency wanting to diversify. It is true that the stone makes it possible to secure gains that are difficult to measure on these new ulta-volatile supports.

Ethereum hounds Bitcoin
"The crypto-currencies used or requested by sellers are for the moment the two main: Bitcoin for the majority and Ethereum for some, but we can anticipate that the Ethereum will be more and more common especially with" Smart Contract ". Many alternative cryptocurrencies, such as REAL and REX, created specifically for real estate transactions, could also be used more and more, argues Adam Redolfi.

Other countries where real estate transactions have already been made in Bitcoin include Japan and Dubai where a new program in a luxury tower was marketed in Bitcoin last year.