NYSE and Blockstream Launch CornerMarketCap Made in Wall Street :

Bitcoin, Ethereum and others have indeed invaded the largest financial center in the world, Wall Street. The evidence, the NYSE, or rather its parent company, is setting up a CoinMarketCap reserved for professionals.

A crypto data feed for New York traders

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly of interest to Wall Street traders, especially since the IPO of the first Bitcoin futures contracts last December by the CBOE and the CME Group. Institutional traders are following more and more the course of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a fact that has not escaped the ICE.

The ICE or Intercontinental Exchange has indeed decided to launch its own information platform dedicated to the crypto market, and this, in collaboration with Blockstream. The US giant and the blockchain startup are looking to offer the necessary data, always up-to-date, to financial giants such as hedge funds or trading companies. The latter will thus be entitled to all the data allowing to follow in real time the evolutions of the market: prices, volumes, exchanges, history, a CoinMarketCap reserved for the institutional ones.

Project Director Lynn Martin announced the news via a news release:

"Given the wide range of cryptocurrencies and exchanges, and given the price differential between stock exchanges, it is essential that investors have a complete source of price information. We look forward to expanding the flow and our strategic relationship with Blockstream over time. "

Launch in March
In this partnership, the role of Blockstream, which has already sent Bitcoin into space, will be to collect the necessary data from around fifteen exchanges, before displaying them on their data platform which has been baptized ICE Data Services.

However, pro-crypto Wall Street investors will have to wait for some time before taking advantage of the information provided by ICE Data Services, since it will open only in March. In the meantime, they will already be able to learn about the price of bitcoin or market capitalization on other crypto data platforms such as CoinMarketCap, which has recently made major changes to its site.